BA Swim Coach Arrested, Terminated for Intending to Sell Pot to Juvenile

Kameron Killam

Two men were arrested at 2 a.m. Sunday morning for possession of marijuana with the alleged intent to distribute to a minor.

The police report states that 24-year-old Kameron Killam, a Broken Arrow Public Schools swim coach, was one of the men arrested. He reportedly confirmed that he intended to meet the other male, Ryan Johnson, at 1400 South Main in Broken Arrow to sell marijuana to Johnson's juvenile acquaintance.

Sergeant Nester reportedly knew this location to be meeting point for drug transactions.

Upon making contact with the suspects, Nester noticed the smell of marijuana along with a bag containing marijuana buds and a digital weight scale.

He then arrested the driver, Killam along with Johnson who had allegedly brought the juvenile female to the location to buy marijuana.

After reportedly getting consent, Nester photographed text messages between the two males revealing their intention to make a drug transaction.

Killam confirmed the juvenile had never been a student of his.

Killam is being held on $20,250 bond and Johnson is being held on $20,500 bond.

Broken Arrow Public Schools sent out a news release indicating Killam has been terminated. Broken Arrow Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jarod Mendenhall stated, "It is expected that all of our employees model the highest level of character and integrity for our students, no matter where they are. There are no excuses for this type of behavior."

The current varsity swim coach will take over the duties.