Broken Arrow Students Protest After Alleged "Harlem Shake" Suspension

Screen grab of the Harlem Shake student response video

Broken Arrow students have taken to Twitter after the alleged suspension of a high school teacher, Friday, Feb. 15.

A Twitter campaign using the hashtag #FreetheBAteacher began around eight hours ago, after a high school science teacher was allegedly suspended yesterday after making a "Harlem Shake" video with his class. has reached out to Broken Arrow via email and given the following response:

"I can never confirm specific personnel issue details like suspensions, but I can tell you that there have been no employee suspensions today, yesterday, or any other time this week. With regard to punishing students who were "protesting" a teacher's suspension so to speak by creating a video, in the instance you have described, that would infringe upon their first amendment rights."

Below is the YouTube link to the video:

Harlem Shake: Broken Arrow HS Edition

92.1 The Beat's Lunchbox radio show posted the video on their website stating, "I don't have all the details on what exactly was there punishment. Come on! Let them have a little fun! Keep the Harlem Shake going B.A. students!!"

The Broken Arrow representative also stated, "Typically, we can only monitor students Internet activities if it happens at school, or if it interferes with our learning environment."

Students outraged by the alleged suspension created a "Harlem Shake" response video, protesting the decision by school officials.

According to the school representative, students most likely heard a rumor of the suspension and went into "save our teacher mode."

The "Harlem Shake" is the latest dance craze circulating on the web. According to an ABC News story, the "Harlem Shake" began in 1981 with Ethiopian dance roots.

The song featured in all of the "Harlem Shake" dance videos was produced by Baauer, a Brooklyn-based producer, according to ABC News. has also reached out to the teacher, but have not received a response.