Power Restored to Brookside Area

Update: As of 1:40 a.m., power has been restored to Tulsa County after a power line fell and caused a fire.

Update: As of 11:20 p.m., only 417 customers remain without power.

The Public Service Company of Oklahoma has restored power to half of its customers located from 31st to 45th street between Riverside and Lewis.

PSO spokesperson Ed Bettinger said that all but five of the remaining customers should have their power restored by 11 p.m.

The outage occurred at 9:44 p.m.and initially affected about 2,500 people.

Bettinger said that the cause of the outage was an upper tier power line which fell down onto a cross arm of the lower tier power lines, causing the cross arm to burn. PSO does not yet know the reason the power line fell.

The location of the power pole affected is the 1300 block of E 35th Place on Peoria.

The final five customers who remain without power after the planned 11 p.m. restoration will have to wait until later tonight for PSO to replace the cross arm.