Brookside Restaurant Reborn Downtown

One of the special things about Tulsa, is the fact that we have a lot of good, local restaurants, that have been around for a while.

Now you can ad one more to the list.

A place that closed about a decade ago, has been born again on 1st Street downtown.

The S&J Oyster company has reopened on 1st between Elgin and Detroit.

Former owner Howard Smith is helping the new owners get things going.

The new staff has 8 employees from the old days and the list Includes 2 of the original cooks.

Former manage Mike Denson is now one of the owners.

He says bringing the place back to life wasn't easy.

He says it's been a very complicated process, because the old 33rd and Peoria location had a special feel.

So they had to work very hard, to find the right space and to make it look like the original.

They started by trying to duplicate the bar and the front of the old building.

It took 6 months of difficult construction.

Denson says it was a lot of frustration, hard work and 12-hours days but they're happy with the outcome.

The menu is also the same as the old days.

They're starting with the original S&J offerings from 1983.

However, it took 2 months to duplicate them, because a lot of things have changed over the years, from suppliers to the products they offer.

Chris Stevens was a bartender at the old S&J, who has rejoined the crew as the General Manager.

He says its been a special experience, that's much like coming home again.

He says the old restaurant was the Cheers of Brookside and the new one is developing that same feel.

He says the old customers who are coming back say it's just like the S & J they remember.