Brookside Shop Owners Ask for Change with "Boo Ha Ha"

In an effort not to compete with other big events going on this weekend. The "Boo Ha Ha" parade moved their event from Saturday October 27 to Sunday October 28. This is first time in 23 years, it hasn't been on a Saturday. Local business owners along Brookside are the ones that asked for the change.

The Brookside Business Association went to the businesses and asked which day would be best for them, organizers say everyone said Sunday. One of the reasons believe it our not, business is down on those days even with an estimated 15,000 people coming to the parade each year. Local businesses expect more people to come by this year.

"I think people will stay out afterwards and eat and hangout. They won't be in a rush to go home," says Leon's Manager, Ashley Boyd.
There is a good reason why so many people head to Brookside each year.
"It's during the day. So, they don't have to get out at night and fight dusk and cars and all that like you have in different neighborhoods around the area," says President, Brookside Business Association, Jim Moss.
Moss says another reason for the change is the Tulsa Run and a local band competition are the same weekend. He says with the move there are more people able to participate. Boyd says they are ready for all the people this year.
"We buy candy. We are ready. We are stocked up and we are hoping that the kids stop by and we can give them candy and they stop and grab lunch or brunch afterwards," says Boyd.
Moss also says to get there early to participate in all the activities. This way you will be able to find a good parking spot because starting at 2:30 P.M. Peoria from 33rd street to 46th street will be closed until after the parade which starts at 3:00 P.M. There will also be costume contests for kids and pets and a kids zone those activites start at noon.