Brown Connects With Family In Memphis

For reasons other than the Liberty Bowl game itself, it'll be an experience University of Tulsa senior linebacker Deaundre Brown will never forget.

Over the course of a season, a team inevitably changes -- whether it's with personnel, rapport, schemes, etc., any number of factors can be part of that change. Or as senior linebacker Deaundre Brown put it Saturday: Family.

"Family: Basically we're starting to learn each other personally and not just going to practice and playing with the person," said Brown during the team's scheduled media press conference Saturday morning. "And we started becoming unselfish, becoming uncommon, and when you do those two things, your team grows." But "family" takes on a literal meaning for Brown going into Monday's finale. He's only now meeting some of his immediate family for the first time because they happen to be from around Memphis.
"I have four half brothers that hopefully will be there," explained Brown. "I've actually only met my biological father one time." And that was two years ago. The reason Brown held off on meeting his biological father for so long is because he's a convicted drug dealer. And the meeting would take place within the confines of a federal correctional facility in Seagoville, Texas. To state the obvious: Brown's father won't be attending Monday's Autozone Liberty Bowl. "He has a minimum of 30 years so I'm blessed my stepdad has raised me. But to meet my other family, I don't mind doing that," Deaundre said. "One thing about me, I always love meeting new people." Something else that will set Brown apart from the rest of his family is being the first to earn his college degree. But Monday's game won't be the end of Deaundre's career. He aspires to be a college coach and hopes to begin that journey as a graduate assistant with Tulsa.