Brutal West Tulsa Murder Puts Community on Edge

A quiet West Tulsa neighborhood became the scene of a homicide investigation Thursday after a woman's body was found wrapped in a sheet, in the backyard of a house on North 48th W. Ave.

As the birds chirped and the wind blew, Alberta Jackson watched from her front porch, as investigators continued combing through the property down the street, that became a crime scene, overnight.

"I didn't know them people that's in there now. I'd seen them, but I never really knew them," said Jackson. She has called the street home for 8 years and said that the streets of this West Side neighborhood have been uneventful for years, but that that is starting to change.

"It was so quiet. We had no problems. But it seems like here, lately, we have," Jackson added.

Tulsa Police were called to the house, two doors down from Jackson, where they found the body of 21-year-old, Melissa Lemery, wrapped in a sheet in the backyard.

"Witnesses are saying, at approximately 3:45 this morning, they heard a disturbance but did not call the police," said Cpl. Phil Snow with Tulsa Police.

TPD took 21-year-old, Joshua Reynolds into custody as a suspect after he reportedly told nearby members of the victim's family that he used a machete and a cinder block to kill Lemery.

Back at her house on the corner, Jackson hoped for an end to violence like this. "I hope it gets better," she added.

Police say the victim did not live in the house where her body was found and the relationship between Lemery and Reynolds is unclear.

The investigation is on-going.