Budget Concerns Could Mean Airline Delays For Travelers

As the budget battle continues in Washington the effects of cuts could become a reality in Green Country. You could experience safety concerns, as spending cuts mean furlough days for air traffic controllers.

Here in Oklahoma, 6 small airports could lose their air control facilities. Oklahoma City and Tulsa would lose their midnight shift controllers.

Travel experts are concerned that fewer eyes in control towers could impact your travels, with delays and even cancellations.

The Federal Aviation Administration plans to eliminate midnight shifts for air traffic controllers in 60-airports.

There are flights that do land at Tulsa International overnight, commercial as well as cargo planes.

Those flights could mean pilots talking over an open mic, communicating their locations and plans to each other, according to an airport spokesperson.

Air traffic controllers would also take a furlough day, once a paycheck, cutting down on manpower.

"There could potentially be some delays at some point because I think everyone is going to be extra cautious but I don't see it having a significant impact here," explained Alexis Higgins, Tulsa International Airport spokesperson.

Right now there is no immediate cause for concern, airport officials are watching to see what happens. Furloughs would take effect in April.