Bureau of Indian Affairs Sends Firefighters to Help With Sandy Relief

The Bureau of Indian Affairs and FEMA sent a 20-person crew of firefighters to help with Sandy relief Saturday.

The men are from Wewoka, Okmulgee, Chickasaw, and Osage Nations. The men will likely work with chainsaws, removing trees and debris in Fort Dix, New Jersey.

The firefighters told Channel 8 it is important to help the storm victims, regardless of Oklahoma's distance from the devastation.

"It's part of our nation. It's the United States. I mean, if it was happening in Oklahoma, for instance, tornado disaster, we would want the same help that they need," said firefighter Ross Walker. This is the first natural disaster where Walker has been called to help.

The crew packed tents and sleeping bags in the event they have to sleep outside during their time in New Jersey. They will likely be gone for two weeks. It is about a 21-hour drive from Okmulgee.