Burglars Break Into Nathan Hale High School, Steal Computers

Officers were at the scene of a break-in and burglary at Nathan Hale High School early Friday morning.

It happened just before 1 a.m. Friday when the alarms were set off at the high school located near 21st and Sheridan.

Tulsa Public School's Chris Payne told that both Tulsa Police and TPS campus police were dispatched to the scene of the break-in.

At the scene, both authorities set up a perimeter outside the room where the burglary occurred. Canine units were then sent into the building to search for any suspects.

Payne said that burglars entered the building from the south side entrance and cut the chain on the door. Police found bolt cutters left behind by the suspects.

He said at least two-to-three computers were stolen.

Police are now investigating but no suspects have been apprehended.