Burned School Set For Demolition

There is a sign warning everyone the Barnard Elementary School building is extremely hazardous. That is because there is asbestos inside, and the building is simply unstable. Crews are ready to tear it down as soon as possible.

Barnard burned September 5th, in long lasting blaze that injured firefighters. Since then, it has been fenced off from the public.

Security roams the burned out school yard, keeping people away. But the neighbors walk by everyday.

"It was a nice old building. I just hated to see it burned down. I would find out who did it and sue them," said Lee Haas, as he and his wife Linda walked by.

The couple says they were never worried the charred building would effect their home values. But now, it's being torn down.

"It is going to be well monitored. We will take air monitoring test after we start and before we start. It is going to be secured and no one is going to be bothered with anything," said Bob LaBass of the Tulsa Public School district.

There is asbestos inside, because of the old heating pipes. There has to be special care.

But now the big question is what happens to the property. It's worth about 1 to 2 million, for the land alone.

The school district says it will cost 7 to 8 million to rebuild--and that's what they expect from the insurance company.

"Since it is in a historical perseveration neighborhood, we would have to come back with that design," said LaBass.

But a new school would not make much sense as Barnard was closed due to the population neighborhoods needs.

About 3 million would have to be used for buildings, technology or classrooms because of bond money used in renovations here.

But that would leave about 5-million for the district to manage.

"It has just barely been discussed. We are waiting until all of the insurance gets cleared up and see what comes out of that," said LaBass.

Right now, clearing the property is priority. Demolition is set to being on Monday.