Buses Get Off To A Cold Start, With Students Waiting In Freezing Temps

Tulsa Public Schools is off to a slow start back, after issues with the buses this morning. Several would not start and more than a dozen workers called in six, causing a delay in picking up students.

The Cochran family had been waiting for more than an hour, when we caught up to them at their bus stop. And they were not the only ones, waiting for their bus.

Tulsa Public School buses were late because about 17 buses would not start. They have a daily fleet of 130. About 14 workers called in sick. That meant fewer buses and fewer drivers.

Also slick roads slowed some drivers down. One mom feels there should have been a better plan.

"It's one of those iffy situations, the main roads are fine, the highways are fine and so people, don't really know. This street is really bad," said Sarah Cochran, regarding the street in front of Park Elementary school in west Tulsa.

"You do the best you can. It's just a reality. You are going to have some engines on a cold day like this," explained Chris Payne of Tulsa Public Schools.

Some supervisors pitched in to drive. And drivers circled their routes to make sure that no students were left behind in the cold.