Busted for Pot? VW Bus Guides The Way

There's something different about the atmosphere at 6th and Denver. Something mellow, something yellow, something definitely turning heads.

"No one else has a Volkswagen van with a paint job that sticks out like this," said attorney Sabah Kalaf, marketing his legal services with an eye catching, custom painted, mobile billboard.

"It's funny, its fun, it's entertaining," he said.

And, with a tag line of "Until it's legal..." it's also though provoking.

"Ultimately I think it's going to be a national law to where it's just going to be legalized," he said.

"I mean, I think they need to legalize it," said passerby Damien Gault. He had his attention hooked from across the street, and has some personal experience with the plant depicted here.

"I actually smoked last night," he said.

The effect? No doubt portrayed by one of the many faces on the side of the bus.

"Just makes you hungry, happy, and sleepy," he said.

"As you can see there's not a violent face on here," said attorney Kalaf.

As for the faces of folks passing by? Intrigue. And with a rear window shouting 'Defending the Pursuit of Happiness,' well...

Somebody's going to call you and say 'Dude, I saw the van and I'm in trouble.' "Right, yeah," he said.

And Attorney Kalaf will be ready to handle their legal pains. Their hunger pangs, that's another issue, cause the VW is not stocked with pizza and Cheetos.

"Not yet, not yet, we're gonna, maybe we're going to have a food truck," he laughed.