Busting Voting Myths

Knowing who to vote for is only part of the process, actually showing up and casting your vote is another important part. For many people, that means registering to vote or re-registering if you haven't voted for a while.

The Tulsa County Election Board says the rolls will purge voters who haven't cast a ballot in the last eight years. So re-register. Some also think absentee ballots don't count, but that's false. The election board says while some states only count them in a close call election, absentee ballots in Oklahoma are always counted first.

Another myth is that felons can't vote. Tulsa's Channel 8 learned that felons who have served their time and all probation are allowed to vote. Several organization are out now registering such potential voters. Voter identification is another one that has people confused. In Oklahoma you must have identification at the polls. The Tulsa County Election Board says it offers one that never expires. Other's like military I-d and driver's licenses count. For a complete list, click the link associated with this story.

Finally, some think it's okay to wear buttons or T-shirts touting your favorite candidate. That's false. Polling officials says that's considered electioneering. They will ask you to turn T-shirts inside out and to take buttons off.

Oklahomans have until October 12th to register. Election day is November 6th.

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