Buying Locally Grown Poinsettias Helps The Disabled

Many homes in this area will be decorated with poinsettias for Christmas.

But you may not know, that there's a unique source of locally-grown plants in Broken Arrow.

A charity group operates a greenhouse, that delivers some beautiful results.

Poinsettias are a tradition at a New Leaf.

CEO Mary Ogle says their clients, love to grow them.

So they raise 4000 to 5000 every year, for people from the community to purchase

The workers are people with disabilities, who earn wages and learn valuable skills.

The goal is to help them move out into the working world.

So, they become contributing members of society, rather than a drain on the system.

Buying the plants helps valuable non-profit work, while bringing beauty to our homes during the holidays.

Poinsettias are notorious for being difficult to grow, but over the years they've learned to make them turn out just right.

Ogle says they also offer competitive prices for three sizes, ranging from $9.99 $29.99.

They will also make arrangements and deliver your gifts.

In addition each plant comes with a card with information about a New Leaf so the person who gets the gift will know it did some good.

Next spring you can plant your poinsettia in your yard and it will grow to bloom in the fall.

To get plants, their greenhouse is on 1st Street in Broken Arrow.

It's located right next door to the police station.

You can also buy plants at their store on Elm, between 91st and 101st.