Candidates for State Superintendent Meet in Debate

Janet Barresi and Joy Hofmeister met in a debate sponsored by the Muskogee Chamber of Commerce. On state, comments were straightforward, but the two republicans vying for the office of State Superintendent, had plenty to say.Janet Barresi wants to know if Joy Hofmeister has more to say on school issues than Oklahomans have heard so far.

"We needed to find out where our opponent stands on certain issues. It wasn't real clear about it, seemed to be saying things at one place, and other things at another place. So we thought a lot of times the written communications really talk about where a person is saying so. That's all we did," said Barresi, after her campaign filed a formal request for emails between Hofmeister's campaign and several school districts.

"This is campaign and politics on display by someone who is cared of losing their seat," explained Joy Hofmeister a former state school board member, now running for the office of State Superintendent.

In today's debate, Hofmeister says if she is elected she plans to reform Oklahoma's widely criticized A-F grade system."We need to retool and restart education reform in Oklahoma. But its about successful implementation and that has not happened and that is because of failed leadership," said Hofmeister.

Incumbent, Janet Barresi stands by the program and believes in holding schools accountable with the grade system and making sure that third graders can pass the reading test.

"As I go around the state I hear Oklahomans saying 'Stay strong,' 'Keep focusing on excellence for children.' TThat'sexactly what I will do," said Barresi.Both candidates feel that Oklahoma should throw out Common Core standards and come up with the states own curriculum for your students.But voters will decide which candidate should be elected as the school leader of our state.