Canned Food Can Save Winter Meals

During the winter months it's a great time to enjoy foods like soups and chili.

A nationally known food author recommends using canned food as ingredients.

She argues they're inexpensive and easy to use.

Jeanne Benedict also says if you're careful you can also limit the amount of salt that's involved.

For example she spends a lot of time reading labels and uses a lot of low-sodium canned foods.

Since she often cooks with canned beans, so she rinses them carefully to keep the salt content down.

Benedict say beans are one of her primary ingredients for soups and chili.

She also makes a quesadilla casserole by adding canned black beans, green chiles, tomatoes and corn together.

They she layers those veggies over tortillas in a glass dish with shredded cheese.

She says using canned beans saves all the time of soaking rinsing, that go with dry beans.

Benedict also says canned is a great way to deliver quality food from farm to the family table.

The products are canned right after harvest.

So the are nutritious as well as being convenient and cheap.