CAP: Free Tax Help

How would you like to keep more of your tax dollars in your pocket, AND have someone do your taxes for free? Each year the Community Action Project in Tulsa helps thousands of people do both.CAP helped more than 17,000 taxpayers in 2010.{} They not only got free tax help, but it returned nearly $36 million to the community. This year's CAP Free Tax Preparation Program kicked off this morning. To be eligible for the program:

  • Families must have earned less than $50,000 in 2010
  • Individuals less than $40,000
  • Anyone laid off from their job in 2010 is also eligible, regardless of income.

Meredith Farmer got tax help from CAP last year, and she was back for more today. "It's a lot easier to come here than anywhere." she says.{}One item the volunteer tax preparers check closely is if families can qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, which can be worth up to $5600.{}{} CAP's Executive Director says a lot of taxpayers don't know about this credit.{} Steven Dow also says, "A lot of people didn't know how to navigate the very difficult{} and complex forms that the government requires to get their tax forms back,so we thought as part of service back to the community it was something we wanted to help people do."Taxes done for free and extra money in your pocket.{}{} Meredith Farmer says it's a good deal all around. "Having such a large amount of refund helps us to get caught up on bills and be able to take some of the money and have fun with it."All of the CAP volunteer tax preparers are trained by the IRS. This year CAP is operating eight tax sites. Go here for the list of sites.{} Or call 918-382-3200 for more information and 918-382-3333 to make an appointment.