Carole Lambert Back In Tulsa; Wins "Media Icon" Award

      Carole Lambert

      Former Channel 8 anchor Carole Lambert was back in Tulsa Thursday night.

      She was honored with the Media Icon Award at the Tulsa Press Club's Newsies.

      Charles Ely presented her the award,{}which featured photos from her time here at Channel 8.

      She moved back to Springfield, Missouri 7 months ago{}to be closer with family.

      She tells us she's been staying busy.

      "I've been reinventing myself," says Lambert. "I mean, it's a brand new chapter in my life and that's what{}I was hoping for. It's absolutely wonderful to see my sisters every day, we've had so much fun."

      She's working with a community college in Springfield,{}continuing her charity work,{}and has lots of other projects lined up.

      "Let me just say,{}I have thousands of Facebook friends, all the viewers, from Channel 8 and{}I love 'em," adds Lambert. "And we keep in contact everyday."

      Congratulations Carole!