Cat Tests Positive for Meth

At Catoosa Small Animal Hospital, beneath the portrait of the comfortable cat family, is the latest issue of Cat Fancy, with articles on deciphering body language, and sailing with your cat. Nothing in here though, about cats on drugs."He tested positive for meth both in his blood and his urine," said{}Dr. Steven Weir, rehabbing a rag tag fur ball who was at death's doorstep."He would have been dead in a day or two," he said.This is where that doorstep was located, where Terry Lee Young and Krisiti Le Maner were arrested for manufacturing meth."There was 30 shake and bake labs, I believe, in the house," said Wagoner county sheriff Bob Colbert."And when they're cooking meth, all of that stuff, some of it evaporates into the air and the atmosphere, and he inhaled that stuff," said Dr. Weir.Reaction in the pet community? Shock and dismay."What a bad thing, can't imagine," said one woman.Even Louie, the bird in the lobby, agreed it was a despicable way to treat a cat."We're gonna press hard on this for animal cruelty charges," said the sheriff.And the cat, he doesn't have a name yet, but there's optimism it won't have to be "victim.""He's very friendly, not mean, doesn't have a mean bone, he loves to be petted, if he can get back to where he can be adopted out, he'll be a super pet for somebody," said Dr. Weir.