Chamberlain Community Center to Reopen in September

A Tulsa community center in jeopardy of staying closed is now gaining support from Tulsa City Council.

Right now the Chamberlain Community Center in North Tulsa is closed to the general public, but that's going to change in a couple of weeks.

"It means a lot to the community," said CJ Bess of North Tulsa.

Bess is thrilled knowing the Chamberlain Community Center will reopen. Giving kids in North Tulsa a place to go.

"Having a facility where they can play basketball or just hang out. Instead of hanging out on the streets and stuff like that," Bess said.

The city shut down the recreation center a couple of weeks ago due to lack of funding.

"We have been fighting to keep our recreation center, so we tried to have an opportunity to find a way to fund it to keep it open," said Jack Henderson, District 1 City Councilor.

Henderson said during Thursday's city council meeting, members approved funding to keep this center open.

"There were some unfunded items that came into the budget and they were unassigned monies and we asked that the council to OK us taking about $34,000 and paying for two part time people that could keep it open during the day," Henderson said.

The center will open September 1, 2014 and parents and children will get to use the facility anytime between 10 a.m. to the 3 p.m.

"We are going to be able to keep some kids out of misfits and actually get them a structural environment where they can go in, workout, play basketball, get on computers whatever they need to do they have an opportunity to do it now. And if that recreation center had of closed they would have had to go to Lacy Recreation Center and that's quit a ways away," Henderson said.

A group leasing the building will use the center after 3 p.m.