Change Coming to Sewer Rates in Owasso

Residents in Owasso may notice a change in how sewer rates are calculated on their water bills.

City officials sent out the letters describing the change in the amount residents are billed for their monthly sewer rate. Many residents have already received the letter dated to go into effect April 1.

A report from the Owasso Reporter states that the letter goes onto to state the change is a "result of the city's annual review and recalculation of your average sewer usage based on water consumption during the winter months."

Three questions are answered in the letter sent out to residents. Among the topics being the definition of "sewer averaging" and its advantage.

"Averaging is how your monthly sewer rate is established," the letter describes. "Your sewer rate is calculated by determining the average of your water consumption during the months of December, January and February. The sewer average is applied to your account on the April billing and will stay in effect through the following March.

A third question asks what residents should do if they experience leaks during the averaging months, according to the Owasso Reporter.

"If you have experienced a leak in the months of sewer averaging, bring in your receipts verifying the leak was repaired and we will adjust your sewer average accordingly," the letter continues. "This adjustment will start with the next billing cycle following the date we are provided receipts. No credit will be given."