Change Your Clocks: Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries

Firefighters use Daylight Saving Time to get a life saving message across. They want you to change your clocks then change the batteries in your smoke detectors. The Tulsa Fire Department says three out of five deaths in house fires come from homes that don't have smoke detectors or they aren't working properly. Firefighters say they aren't surprised that people don't have working smoke detectors.

"They are always there and people tend to forget about them," says Stan May,Tulsa Fire Department Public Information Officer
Firefighters want you to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors twice a year. Once you do change the batteries you need to make sure they work. Push the outside button and they will beep to let you know they are working.
"They collect a lot of dust inside. Even if you vacuum the outside. Which we also recommend, but the technology gets better every year. So, if they are five or six years old we like to see them replaced," says May.
Most fire departments will come and install a new smoke detector if you need one. All you need to do is call your local department to see if they have any available. There are certain places you should put the smoke detectors.
"We like to have one outside the bedroom areas, in your main hallway. We like to have one in between the kitchen and those areas. We want at least one on each floor," says May.
May suggests avoiding putting one over the cooking area because sometimes a little bit of steam could set them off. But you could have four or five detectors in your home. May says this time of year is the busiest for house fires because people are home more and it's cold outside. People are trying to keep their house warm, that's why the fire department wants new batteries in smoke detectors.