Changes Coming to Riverwalk Crossing

Big changes are coming to the Riverwalk Crossing. One year ago, the Muscogee Creek Nation bought the property on the west side of the river at 96th street at auction. They've since been working to get more businesses out there and some local business owners are on board.

"As a business owner it's a dream come true that we can expand and have a demand where we need to expand so quickly," says Pinot's Palette Owner, Lisa Riley.

Riley says Pinot's Palette has been open on Cherry Street for just a year. It's a paint studio where adults can learn to do canvas paintings in two to three hours while enjoying a glass of wine or beer.

Riley says she definitely took into consideration that not much is at the Riverwalk right now, but she had no hesitations to opening her second location there. Riley says the announcement of the expansion of the River Spirit Casino is another drawing factor.

"Really excited about the Margaritaville Resort that's going across the way," Riley said.

In fact, the Muscogee Creek Nation is getting tons of phone calls from potential businesses after making the announcement and they admit it has taken them awhile to get everything up and running. Most of the time was spent deciding who within the nation would have the responsibility to the property.

"This is a long term investment for the nation. The Creek Nation is going to be here forever. We are not going anywhere. So, this is something where we go back to our tribal council, we are going to be able to show them the master plan, so they have to be commented to invest that for here," says CEO, Muscogee Nation Business Enterprise, Woody Anderson.

Anderson says the new things coming to the area will start in 60 days. The plan does include outdoor restrooms, more concerts during the summer, and improvements to the facility to make it easier to get to the shops. Anderson says the master plan will be made public in about 44 days.

Pinot's Palette will open their Riverwalk location on April 26, 2013.