Changes To Parking Downtown Include Paying By Cell Phone

The parking meters in downtown Tulsa are getting older.

So plans are underway to replace them and improve the system.

A couple of new ideas include paying by phone and paying by tag.

Basically, in that instance, the spaces would not be marked.

You just enter your tag and credit card info into the meter or phone.

Drivers could visit several areas in the same district increasing time by app or text.

Officers could also scan tags, making sure drivers are paid up faster.

The idea could mean more money for the city.

Mark Hogan, Director of Asset Management, says, "If we abolish the spaces that are parallel park and go to pay by tag There's a lot of days that you might get five Crown Victoria's or you could get seven or nine Honda Civics."

Right now, the city is still shopping around for the best deal.

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