Changing An Entire Neighborhood

In a couple of weeks there's going to be an aggressive effort to revive an entire Tulsa neighborhood.

Tulsa's Habitat for Humanity hopes to find 2000 volunteers, to work in the Crutchfield area.

The project is called a "Brush With Kindness" and it will take place from May 2nd through the 5th.

The first step the project will be to work on 16 existing homes that are already owned by families.

Paul Kent, of Tulsa Habitat for Humanity, says they are families that don't have the resources to make improvements on their own.

The will also be working to clean up alleys, vacant lots and public areas.

The idea is to improve the look and the quality of life for the entire community.

Kent says they are grateful that the Hilti Corporation is sponsoring the project.

Cary Evert is the company's CEO and President for North America.

He says they have a long history of working with habitat and this project was a very good fit for them.

"We make tools here. That's what we do for a profession and our people love to go out and play with the tools."

He says the often get several hundred employees to volunteer for the projects and he expects the same this time around.

Evert also says he's excited about the Crutchfield project because it's so close to downtown and the other improvements that are being made to our city.

If you can't use a hammer, you could help feed the volunteers or help with registration.

Individual volunteers can sign up on the group's website.

If groups would like to volunteer they can call 918-592-4224 ex 205.