Charges Filed for Tulsa Officer Accused of Illegal Activity

Tyrone Jenkins

Formal charges were filed Thursday for a Tulsa officer accused of criminal activity.

Prosecutors charged Tyrone Jenkins with five felony counts ranging from attempt to deliver cocaine to bribery. He was arrested on March 17 after an internal investigation was conducted.

"The circumstance of charging a law enforcement officer who is sworn to uphold the law is disappointing on many levels," Assistant District Attorney Doug Drummond stated. "But at the same time, whether a person is a law enforcement officer or not, he must be held accountable under the law."

Jenkins is accused of receiving payments of $2,300 on March 4 and $800 on March 17 in exchange for the officer's agreement to provide confidential information from a Tulsa police computer database. In addition, prosecutors allege that Jenkins attempted to deliver cocaine, according to a release from the district attorney's office.

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan previously told KTUL the department has been down this road before.

"I vow to the public and to my department we're going to root 'em out and we're going to find guys that do stuff bad and we're going to take care of it appropriately," he said.

A court date has not been scheduled for Jenkins.