Charles Tapper Strengthens Sooner D-Line

The Oklahoma defense had several questions to answer before the season started. They had just four starters returning from a group that gave up more yards then any team in the history of the Sooner football program.

So far Mike Stoops guys have played well and they're getting good results from the young guys, like Charles Tapper. The sophomore defensive end is fourth on the team in tackles with 14 tackles and a half a sack.

"He came all the way from Baltimore. Yeah, Charles (Tapper) is doing great." said Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops, "He's a wonderful young man, and he only played high school ball for a couple of years. He was a basketball player. But, he's doing great. He's had three really good games. He's active and fast, and he's making a lot of plays. He stays on the field. He has great stamina. So, he's been really exciting to watch."

The remarkable thing is he started out as a basketball player in high school and was talked into playing football his junior year. "It was my junior year in high school and I met a guy named Corey Robison in the McDonalds. I always tell people this story." said Tapper, "He asked me if I wanted a Honda Accord or a Lamborghini. Of course I said I wanted a Lamborghini. I thought he was kind of crazy when he said that but, he said if I just follow my dreams, work hard and keep believing in God he would make everything come true. I went to the Army combine. Coach Wright found me there. And from there I came to Oklahoma and became the guy I am now."Charles and that Sooner defense have the week off as they prepare for their big match-up with Notre Dame in South Bend on Saturday, September the 28th. Kickoff is set for 2:30.