Chefs In Town For Steak Cook-Off

This weekend will be full of grilling and competition with the annual steak cook-off.The two-day festival is in town starting Friday to raise money for the Tulsa Zoo.The rest of the proceeds will grow community gardens for people who do not have access to fresh produce.Not only will top chefs gather downtown to face off for the best steak dinner, but there will be live music, beer, a car show and activities for the children.Tripp Haggard is the Executive Director of the event and says he is excited for the festivities. "It's going to be great fun," Haggard says. "I mean, we're going to have great music on the stage, we are going to have guys cooking, standing over a 700-degree fire sweating in the heat just so you can watch - how much more fun could that be?!" Haggard says.About 30 teams will cook steaks on-site for a chance to win the national title Friday.Then 70 teams from all over will compete for the state championship title Saturday.About two tons of steak, or 4,000 slices of meat, will be cooked this weekend.The $20 admission includes a steak dinner and side dishes.For more information or to buy tickets, click the link below.