Cherokee Citizens Urged To Get New Photo I. D.

New I. D.'s (courtesy of:

Tribal members are being asked to switch to a photo I. D.

The current I.D.s, called blue cards, are paper and are not laminated.

So starting this month, Cherokee citizens can visit the tribe's registration department to get a valid photo I. D.

It's similar to a driver's license in appearance.

It includes a photo and signature, the Principal Chief's signature and a distinctive Cherokee Nation seal hologram.

"And they can use that to register to vote," says Crystal Fentress, registration clerk. "If they need to show verification of a valid ID in their clinics or their prescriptions then they would have that ID on them."

So far, more than 2,200 new cards have been issued.

The first I. D. is free. Replacements are five dollars.

The new Cherokee nation photo I. D. Is not required.