Child Falls Out of Moving Car, Run Over on Tisdale Expressway

Emarie Jones

A 16-month-old child was identified Monday morning after reportedly falling out of a vehicle and being struck and killed by another one on the Tisdale Expressway.

Police were assigned to the incident Sunday evening after receiving word of a possible auto-pedestrian accident. Traffic was shut down in the area near Pine and the Tisdale.

At the scene investigators discovered that the child's mother was turning onto the Tisdale when the back passenger door came open. Both the 16-month-old, identified as Emarie Jones, and a four-year-old were inside at the time.

A spokesperson for the TPD stated that the child fell out of the vehicle and was struck by a dark-colored SUV. He reportedly wasn't in a car seat during the time of the incident.

Police stated that the child was taken to an area hospital by private vehicle. He was pronounced dead from his injuries.

Investigators are asking for the driver of the dark-colored SUV to come forward in regards to the case.

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