Chili Bowl Continues Success

There's a lot of sights and sounds at the Chili Bowl. The cool cars getting worked on, the fans going gaga for their favorites, and the sheer economic impact it has on T-town.

"You know, they say somewhere between $14 and $15 million dollars, cause 87% of our spectators are from out of state, and 91% of our drivers are from out of state," said Chili Bowl Director Emmett Hahn.

Drivers like Chad Boat from Phoenix Arizona, a second generation Chili Bowler.

"Knowing that my Dad was able to win it in 1997 and then being able to etch my name up there with some of the greats, like Sammy and Kevin, that would be a special feeling," he said.

And who knows? He might, since he was able to win his race Friday with that pure Chili Bowl recipe of clay, speed, and deafening sound.

"How do you preserve your own hearing? Huh?" joked Hahn.