Chili Bowl Preps For Annual Excitement

Sprint car racing is a sport so unique, you'll hear a lot of comparisons to other sports in this story, since there's nothing quite like it.

"Nascar is like calf roping, and sprint cars is like bull riding," said Emmett Hahn, the man who started the country's most prestigious sprint car race, the Chili Bowl.

"It's just good racing," he said.

Racing which takes place on a canvas of clay that Emmett has been curating for nearly 30 years.

"770 truck loads of clay," he said.

Clay which can get dry, so to keep thing fresh a water truck makes laps like a zamboni.

"Yeah, we do the same thing as they do in hockey," he said.

Which is also a great comparison for the rough and tumble world these drivers race in. And when they're not somersaulting, they're jockeying for position like thoroughbreds. And speaking of horses...

"This horseshoe came out and I picked it up and saved it and we've had good years ever since then, and I'm not superstitious but nobody messes with my horseshoe," he said.

Keeping track of who's where in all this madness?

"Where that little cone is out there, that one cone is a transponder," said Hahn.

The chili bowl; the bull riding, hockey smashing, horse racing event of the year. The only thing left to compare it to is football.

"Maybe not a BCS but it's a bow," laughed Hahn.