Christmas Trees Survive The Drought

Despite the extremely dry conditions, crops of Christmas trees managed to survive the drought locally.

At Pleasant Valley Farms in Sand Springs, they say business is good.

They grow Virginia Pines and Scotch Pines.

And luckily this summer, the drought only killed a couple of trees.

This Christmas, Pleasant Valley has thousands of trees ready for families to cut fresh.

Farm manager, Beecher Owens says, "You have a choice. They can come out, you can do it. We'll send a Pleasant Valley Woodsman out there for them to cut it down if you want them to. Or you can cut it up. We'll go get it for you. You just tear the bottom half of the tag."

Depending on the tree, the cost is $3.00-$11.00 per foot..

Pleasant Valley Farms also have a gift shop, "Santa's Cabin", plus free cider and coffee.

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