Church Settles with Family of Athlete That Died in Boxing Match

A Tulsa church has settled a lawsuit with the family of a former University of Tulsa linebacker who died after a boxing event held at the church in 2011.

Court records indicate that the owners for Guts Church and the family of George Clinkscale were able to reach a settlement in the case. This comes almost three years later when the church held an un-sanctioned boxing event that ultimately resulted in the 24-year-olds death in September of 2011.

Previous reports from KTUL state that Clinkscale's family sued the church in October for actual damages in excess of $75,000 as well as punitive damages. They claim the church was negligent by promoting the non-sanctioned fight.

According to an autopsy report, an examiner indicated Clinkscale suffered a fracture to the C5 vertebra, but that his spinal cord did not appear to be damaged. Doctors indicated in their report that this injury "had the potential to be severe," but that it did not likely contribute to his death.

Officials added the cause of Clinkscale's death was listed as "sudden exertional death due to complications of sickle cell trait," according to the report. Those with sickle cell anemia can suffer these complications when the become dehydrated or undergo intense exercise.

Documents filed this week at the Tulsa County courthouse state that a guardian would be appointed for Clinkscale's two children. Both will be represented by this guardian because they are due to benefit from the settlement.

Another court appearance has not been scheduled at this time.