Churches Prepare for Easter Crowds

Christmas, Mother's Day and Easter are all holidays that draw in even the most remote, to the church house. Tulsa churches, large and small are ready to receive families.

Channel 8s Kim Jackson discovered how one church is using it's services to reach the hopeless.

{}The water is flowing{} at Church on the Move. They have installed two portable baptismals. They are anticipating baptizing hundreds. They have shorts and shorts for everyone.

The T-shirts read, 'Welcome Home.' And the signs above the doors bear the same message, to visitors who may be church window shopping.

"Easter is definitely an open house. It is definitely a time where people kind of explore. And they come to church, maybe kick the tires a little bit and say is this a place where my family and I can belong?" speculated Pastor Ethan Vanse.

Church on the Move expanded it's weekend services, with one starting tonight, two on Saturday and three on Sunday.

"There are times when we are so full we can't get everyone in so we have a great plan to accommodate everybody," he said.

There are cameras to simulcast to overflow rooms. And these cameras will also do live video streaming on the web, for their first time.

For those who do show up and want to be baptized, there are two baptismals. Last year 900 people were baptized Easter Weekend.

"We baptize totally spontaneously on Easter and it sounds crazy. But what we do is offer an invitation for people to follow Christ an to be baptized and we have everything planned out for them."

"There are T-shirts and shorts, dressing rooms for men and women, complete with security and even volunteer stylists.

"They are all dressed up, they look fabulous and we want them to look fabulous when they leave, too," said Pastor Vanse.

The auditorium will hold 2500-people and they expect a full house most every service.

The hope is Easter only church goers--may turn into every Sunday members.

The baptisms will start tonight after the 7 o'clock service and go on until Sunday afternoon.