Circle Cinema Gets National Award

Tulsa's Circle Cinema is getting national attention this weekend.

A representative from the National Parks Service was here to present an award to Circle Cinema for being a Route 66 Corridor Preservation Grant recipient.

The money is helping pay for the restoration of the cinema's front facade to its look from 1952.

It's a history they want to preserve. "The Circle is the last remaining historic remaining moving theatre left in Tulsa," says Stephanie Lafevers from the Circle Cinema Foundation. "Everything else has been torn down; If the building is still there, it's been changed into something else. It's not operating as a theatre, and the Circle has only been a movie theatre. It's never been anything else."

Circle Cinema's location at Admiral and Lewis is on the original Route 66 that ran through Tulsa from 1926-1932 before it was re-routed to 11th St.