City Council In Your Neighborhood Meetings

Tulsa leaders will launch this year's "City Council In Your Neighborhood" meetings Monday evening.

The first of five meetings will be held at the First Presbyterian Church on Boston Avenue in District 4.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett will present an overview of the city budget process and future city budgeting.

City councilors will discuss the present findings of the River Infrastructure Task Force for the Arkansas River.

Districts 7 and 8 will meet July 7th at the Tulsa Community College Southeast Campus in the Performing Arts Center for Education on 81st Street.

Districts 5 and 6 will meet July 8th at the Garnett Assembly of God on South Garnett Road.

Districts 1 and 3 will meet July 28th at the Rudisill Regional Library on North Hartford Avenue.

Districts 2 and 9 will meet August 4th at the Jewish Federation of Tulsa on East 71st Street.

All meetings will start at 6:00 p.m. and will end sometime after 7:30.