City Councilor And Police At Odds Over Compliance Checks

A Tulsa City Councilor has some tough questions coming his way. District 4's Blake Ewing runs several downtown businesses but an encounter with law enforcement over violations at his establishments may not be his shining moment. Councilor Ewing has one version of what happened and police have another. Much of the police's version comes from interoffice memos in the Tulsa Police Department. It started with compliance checks at bars and restaurants in the Blue Dome District January 31st. District 4 City Councilor Blake Ewing owns three business that were cited that night for violations that ranged from unlicensed video games to a happy hour violation. The bar checks were done by Alcohol and Beverage agents and Tulsa Police. Our whole goal here is to get people into compliance. Police Chief Chuck Jordan says compliance checks in alcohol establishments helps reduce crime.

"We've done it in over 30 clubs in our area, some of them, obviously the crime in the downtown area is not the same as 61st and Peoria and some other places but we never want it to get there either. We want to make sure we do have compliance," says Chief Jordan.

Councilor Ewing objects to the number of officers used and the time during which the compliance checks were conducted.

"I'm very happy with the way the officers conducted themselves. I'm happy with the job they did and I would expect nothing less from them in the future," says Jordan.

There are other more pressing matters like, why Councilor Ewing didn't have the proper city licenses, did he leave a city council meeting to address the personal business with his restaurants the night in question and did he imply he would not support a new police academy in the future. It's unlikely we've heard the last of this incident not from Councilor Ewing or Chief Jordan There is a supposed to be a meeting between them about the Blue Dome District later this month.