City Councilor Threatens Legal Action Over Closed Rec Centers

The City of Tulsa has a master plan for parks, that includes demolishing several park rec centers. Today, the city council took a tour of several dilapidated centers to see if they are worth fixing.The conditions inside the rec centers are reportedly so bad that you need a hard hat and a mask.

City councilor Jack Henderson says he is seeking legal advice and considering legal action, if the city tries to tear down. B.C. Franklin. Ben Hill, or Springdale rec centers.

He says they were never funded properly, like other parks.

"Yeah they look bad, but just like anything else, downtown looked bad all those buildings til they revitalized them and made clubs out of them and restaurants, its a wonderful place now. Some of these rec centers, the same thing could happen to them," said Henderson. The city council will vote tonight on funds for Ziegler park, which had it's rec center demolished and now needs equipment.