City Councilors Bike, Walk Around Tulsa

The heat was not enough to scare away Tulsa City councilors from biking and walking around town Sunday.The tour was an effort to push the "Complete Streets" resolution, which passed earlier this year. {}The resolution provides pedestrian and bicycle public transit facilities.The chairman of the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee organized the tour to encourage the councilors to see how fun it is to get around Tulsa on bike or foot.City Councilor David Patrick said, "We're going to be riding down Cherry Street down Peoria, Downtown Tulsa, riding around a few neighborhoods." {}Patrick said it was also a good way to point out obstacles they need to be aware of.Organizers say they hope the tour will encourage the councilors to think about how to invest in Tulsa's transportation. {}They walked and biked about four miles total. {}National "Bike to Work Week" is May 14th-18th.