City Councilors Consider Police and Fire Shortages

Tulsa city councilors are considering police and fire shortages, in the midst of budget talks.

Tulsa's police department is operating with the same number of officers as it had in 1999, 771.

In 2008, a study revealed we needed almost a hundred more police officers. And still we don't have enough police officers, according to the chief.

And the fire chief says the same. Firefighters could have a shortage of 40 emergency responders in a year, with no academy.

City councilors are concerned about police officers and firefighters working overtime along with them dealing with stress and on the job injuries.

Plus councilors want to know if overtime will rise over the year because of the shortage of workers.

"If we go over that budget, what do we do? How do we pay those officers?" asked Council Chairwoman, Karen Gilbert.

Police say the issue will have to be addressed soon. Chief Chuck Jordan says they are not there yet, but police may be forced to stop covering non-injury accidents and car burglaries.