City Councilors Face Election That Could Unseat Several

City Council Election

The City of Tulsa could see a major change in leadership after of this election season. Of the nine city councilors, seven face opposition.

"We need some fresh new ideas and some new people," said Birdie Clifton, of the Carver Senior Center.

Although Clifton endorses, Jack Henderson, she believes that there needs to be change in other city council districts.

In 2011 voters approved changing from a three year election term to a two year term. Now former councilor Rick Westcott says voters should be careful of electing several new councilors at once.

"The good news is if you don't like your councilor, if you don't like the job they are doing, in two years you can replace them," said Westcott, a practicing attorney.

He says it could take the new councilors months to get used to their new roles in city leadership, if there were a majority of newly elected councilors.

"I think it's dangerous because it would diminish, the experience of a new council would diminish citizen representation. It would diminish a new councilor's effectiveness being the citizens' voice," said Westcott.

Councilors Karen Gilbert and Phil Lakin are running unopposed.

Races with only two candidates will be decided in the general election. Tuesday's primary will only include races with more than two candidates: Districts 1, 2, 4 and 7.