City Councilors Discuss Future Development of Arkansas River

For more than 50 years, Tulsa city leaders have been talking about improvements to the Arkansas River.

Once again, current leaders are bringing up the topic of low water dams. The River Infrastructure Task Force met Thursday morning to discuss how the city can improve the infrastructure. They will not be talking about future development of the river just what the city can do to improve the river.

"The main concern was what's the best way to move this forward, who do we want at the table, who can contribute to that decision to help us create a proposal and a really responsible and conclusive way," City Councilor G.T. Bynum said.

More than a dozen people were in the meeting and the task force will focus on people in the past that weren't on board.

"It's important to us that when it comes to the merits of the proposal that we hear from all sides, not just the people that like the idea but that we are able to come up with a proposal that addresses those concerns that people have," Bynum said.

The Creek Nation is already planning their development of the river with the Margaritaville project, but also want to be involved in these decisions.

"We are obviously very interested in developing the river. We are going to develop along the river. We are here to see is there is some place that we fit in," Local Government Affairs for the Creek Nation Vic Vreeland said.

For the next several months this task force will hear from dozens of people and organizations but there is no rush on the proposal.

"It's not as if it has to be done tomorrow. So, that gives us the luxury of looking at all sides of the issue, meeting with all the parties that we need to and having time to think through the right way to do it," Bynum said.

The River Infrastructure Task Force's next meeting is January 9th. They'll look at two studies that have been done on the river in the past 10 years. The most recent study was completed last year.