City Crews Continue Storm Debris Cleanup Efforts

City crews are continuing their efforts in removing tree debris from neighborhoods after a windstorm hit Tulsa back in July.

City of Tulsa officials stated that since the July 23 storm about 110 zones have been cleared in the Tulsa area and about 75 remain.

According to the release, some of the remaining zones are in the hardest-hit areas and contain a lot of debris, including tree limbs and branches.

Streets and Stormwater Director Dan Crossland stated in a release that after the initial damage survey, that it would likely take more than a month to collect the debris city wide. So far the debris collected has totaled 41,682 cubic yards.

"About 110 to 120 City workers, not including the supervisors and support staff, are collecting debris. These crews are collecting larger branches, limbs and trunks left at the curb using dump trucks and heavy equipment."

Residents wondering when their neighborhood will be cleaned up can check progress online.