City Crews Work Overnight to Demolish B.C. Franklin Park

City crews worked overnight and into the early morning hours to demolish a north Tulsa park Thursday.

Residents in the area along Virgin Street near Utica may notice that B.C. Franklin Park is now in rubbles after being torn down Thursday morning. Its demolition is part of the City of Tulsa's continuing plan to demolish several park recreational centers and swimming pools that were deemed too dilapidated to repair.

Previous reports from KTUL state that B.C. Franklin is now one of the six parks that have been demolished since the project began. Heller Community Center, Manion Park and Springdale Recreation Center are among the others.

City officials have stated that funds were initially allocated to repair the parks. But that it became apparent that the repairs were too expensive compared to money that was allocated.

KTUL spoke to City Councilor Jack Henderson when Springdale Recreation Center was demolished. He has been working to save the recreation centers.

"I didn't know anything about it...I think they were worried about citizens coming up here trying to get in front of the bulldozers or something because they had said they were going to do that. And this was a way to keep them from doing that. So, it is a sad day in Tulsa," Henderson said.