City Holds Capital Improvement Meeting

The proposal is for nearly $920 million dollars, with packets and maps detailing where every dollar will be spent.

"We really have spent a very significant amount of time over the past year and a half listening to what the public wants," said Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

A public eagerly attending these informational meetings to make sure their elected officials are informed as well.

"I started a neighborhood association and we have concerns," said Anita Ingram, hoping to express her thoughts about area safety.

"I think our biggest issue is security so we're interested in police and we're interested in things that we can do to improve safety, more stop signs, they've told us they're out of money for speed bumps," she said.

Districts 5 & 6 are also set to receive about one and a half million for parks.

"I was hoping to improve my neighborhood district 6 a little bit," said Lori Hollowell, who also has an additional idea on how a vacant piece of land could improve an area park.

"It's a huge piece of land it backs right up to Norberg, it's uncared for and it would be so nice if the park would mow it, take care of it, maybe put a swing set on it or something," she said.

The next informational meeting is scheduled for August 5th at OU-Tulsa.