City Looks At Splitting Tax Vote - Streets & Quality of Life

The presentation addressed city needs as a whole, but there was no mistaking what specifically the crowd at Booker T wanted addressed.

"Here in north Tulsa we are speaking out for BC Franklin," Kavin Ross.

One of three north side parks currently closed that residents would like to see opened again.

"Children in north Tulsa don't have anywhere to go," said James Johnson.

An important, yet localized issue, that would currently be bundled up in a vote for things like police and fire and streets.

"I don't want to see it on the same ticket," said Tulsa city councilor Jack Henderson.

Councilors are currently discussing having two initiative for residents to vote on instead of one; street improvements, and everything else.

"If we try to put all of this in one, it's going to run up the amount of money that's needed and the citizens may not support it," said Henderson.

"Quality of life is always important, but it's not as much of a necessity to people as streets and safety," said Tulsa city councilor Jeannie Cue, also leaning towards the two vote approach, with one package addressing things such as the zoo, the airport, police, fire, and yes, parks. If not, asking voters to tackle all of it at once...

"It could jeopardize the package if they felt like there was too much," she said.

A strategy that'll hopefully give each part of town the best shot at addressing it's needs.

"What's close to our heart over here is the BC Franklin that's been forgotten and an embarrassment to the city," said Ross.