City, ODOT Crews Prepare Yet Again for Winter Weather

City and ODOT crews are preparing for even more winter weather this weekend.This season has brought with it several instances of ice and snow. City of Tulsa Street Maintenance Contract Manager Paul Strizek admits it can take a physical and mental toll on crews."It's important for the public to understand that it's very nerve-racking and consumes a lot of energy to drive these trucks," Strizek said. He said driving becomes even more difficult when motorists do not stay away from salt trucks or plows.The city will have between 65 and 70 people working per shift over the weekend. Each shift will likely last about 12 hours. ODOT said there will be about 50 crews clearing highways near the Tulsa metro. Crews will also probably work 12 hour shifts.ODOT Spokesperson Cole Hackett said the department takes extra steps to make sure crews do not become overly stressed with the frequent winter weather events."We make sure they know what's coming, make sure they have plenty of rest leading up to it, make sure that anything that we get from the public or media praising them for their work, we make sure to pass that on to them," Hackett said.ODOT said it has plenty of salt for the rest of the season. Tulsa city crews still have about 8,000 tons of salt. It began the season with about 15,000 tons and have used 8,000. They have ordered additional salt following winter weather events.