City of Claremore Improving Decades Old Sewer Lines

Claremore is launching an improvement project on their sewer system. The project will cost $253,000 and will repair some lines that are 50 to 60 years old.

"They are the old clay pipe style and they needed rehabilitation. They are dilapidated at this point. So, it will help out the neighborhoods by having that updated infrastructure under the ground," Planning Director Jill Ferenic said.

Along with the city, Rogers State University is launching a $266,000 project to repair the same kinds of pipes. In the areas of construction, crews will be working with residents to make sure there is no damage to their property because some lines could go under fences. The City of Claremore does have matching federal money to use on the project so their part will come out to $135,000.

Ferenic said it's nice to show continued effort in the older parts of town not just keep expanding. This project isn't the only infrastructure project the city is working on. This month they put in place a service charge for all water account holders.

"It helps, public safety wise, it helps keep the streets clear of rain water as much as possible," Ferenic said.

Ferenic said it's $2.50 per resident and commercial property is based on surface amount. This storm water charge is important because if that water gets into the clay pipes the city is repairing it could cause a problems at the waste water treatment plant.

The construction on this project will begin in March and take 120 days to complete.